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Climb Climb Up Sunshine Mountain

Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain,
Singer stands up and reaches hand over hand as if climbing using a rope
Where the Little Breezes blow,
singers blows 3 times in tempo with the song
Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain,
again with the rope thing
Faces all aglow-oh-oh-oh
hands up to face, framing it and wiggling fingers
Turn, turn your back on sorrow,
turn around in time to the tune
Reach up to the sky
as the song says, reach up to the sky
Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain,
again with the climbing and the rope
You and I, you and I, you and I
point at a friend, or a person sitting near you and repeat the last line until person you are pointing at stands up and joins in

Then it repeats ad nauseum until everyone (including bus driver) is on their feet, only 1st line changes slightly to...

I'm climbing up Sunshine Mountain
actions remain the same



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