200 Club - do we owe you money?

The Sidcup RFC 200 Club, run for so many years by Don Beaton, was closed a few years ago at the inception of the 500 Club. Despite the 200 Club's clossure, a few members allowed their standing orders to continue to make payments in the Club's bank account. As a result, we owe refunds to the members listed below.

We have tried several times to notify members of their entitlement to a refund but the list below is amounts still owed.

If your name is on the list, or you have contact details for someone whose name is on the list, please contact us so that we can arrange a refund.

Table last updated: 9 Jan 14

Dave Tasker£40
R A Dempster£95
Pip Dwyer£70
M Malin£190
S E Evans£190
W Evans£190
Matt Buxton£5
Simon Beaton£5
D Croker£10
J Lander£5
Phil Crust£70
Colin Iles£5
M Hudson£10
R Davidson£100
M Knight£10
A Pottee£35
J Cole£10
Bruce Bennett£15
Titch Martin£30


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