Sidcup RFC gym

At Sidcup RFC we have our own private gym facility to cater for all training needs. Whether you wish to train for sport (rugby, cricket, tennis, martial arts, etc.) or general well-being, we offer a well stocked free-weights section, resistance machines or cardio-vascular equipment to cater for your needs.

Before using the club gym, you will need to complete an induction process at which you will receive a comprehensive run through on how to use the equipment to the best effect and get the most from your training.

We offer a number of gym memberships available for non-members of the sports club, i.e. people who do not wish to play any of the sports on offer at the club but are purely looking to train in privacy and in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Gym membership fees are currently £20 per month for adults who wish to use the gym at all times. For information on discount prices, please contact Gerry Egan our Gym Manager at

Our trainers are REPS Certified and offer various levels of help; so whether you need 1-2-1 sessions, feel more at home training with a small group or would like to train with a "gym buddy", we can help you find a training regime that suits you. As our trainers are all experienced sportsmen themselves, there is a wealth of information regarding motivation techniques, nutritional matters or just the best ways to train to achieve your goals.

If you are already a member of Sidcup RFC's 500 club, gym membership for one adult family member is included in the 500 Club subscription.

The gym is available for use any time that the clubhouse is open, i.e. 7.30am - 10:00pm Mondays to Sundays.

The minimum age limit for gym membership is 17.

So, if you are interested in any of the above, or our associated Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts or other fitness professionals, please contact Gerry Egan our Gym Manager at

Gerry Egan