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1. SRFC membership rules

By signing up to be a member of Sidcup Rugby Football Club Limited ("SRFC"), you agree to abide by the Club's Rules and regulations and to pay the appropriate membership subscription.

You confirm that you understand that SRFC, its servants, agents or employees are not under any liability whatsoever for loss of property, accidents or injuries of or to the below named, however caused during the course of training, preparation or matches played at SRFC or other grounds.

You understand that if you do not observe IRB, RFU or Club Rules, Policies, Directives and Regulations you will not be eligible to remain a member of this club. You confirm that you have no outstanding obligations to any previous rugby club and are not subject to any disciplinary action.

Players who have paid a subscription are insured under the RFU’s Permanent Disability & Accidental Death insurance scheme. However, players, especially those who are self-employed, are strongly advised to purchase insurance to cover themselves against injury and loss of earnings.

Both existing and new members should familiarise themselves with SRFC’s Data Management Statement which can be found here. The Statement describes how SRFC will make use of the data which it handles in pursuit of its legitimate interests, including its use of the Game Management System (GMS) provided by the RFU, and also describes the RFU’s use of data on GMS. It also describes Members’ data protection rights, including a right to object to some processing which SRFC may carry out.

As a member of SRFC, you may receive by email Newsletters or other periodic information about events and activities at the club and / or events managed by the RFU. You may choose to unsubscribe from the distribution list by clicking on the Unsubscribe option at the foot of the email.

SRFC will not use personal data for any direct, indirect or third-party marketing purposes.